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Ski Resorts of the Catalonia Pyrenees

Skiing holidays in the Pyrenees, and in Catalonia in particular, always come with fair prices, good hotels, great services, and mountains guaranteed to be full of powder snow. Aside from all the skiing and snowboarding, tourists in Catalonia can also enjoy excellent Catalan cuisine, rich Catalonian culture, and all kinds of other mountain activities and sport.

Here's a list of Ski Resorts in the Catalonian Pyrenees:

Baqueira Beret Ski Resort

Tavascan Ski Resort

Gran Pallars Port Ainé Ski Resort

Espot Ski Resort

Boi Taull Ski Resort

Port Del Comte Ski Resort

Vall de Nuria Ski Resort

Vallter 2000 Ski Resort

Alp 2500 Ski Resorts and la Molina Ski Resort

Masella Ski Resort

Aransa Cross-Country Ski Resort

Bosc Virós Cross-Country Ski Resort

Guils Cross-Country Ski Resort

Lles de Cerdanya Cross-Country Ski Resort

Sant Joan de l’Erm Cross-Country Ski Resort

Tuixent Cross-Country Ski Resort