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Nemrut: The heads of the forgotten gods

In Southeastern Anatolia we find the fascinating Nemrut Dagi peak, one of the most important archeological sites in Turkey. Located in the Taurus mountain range, in the National Park of the same name, Nemrut is considered the eighth wonder for its magnificent and impressive stone statues that crown the summit. This was carried by order of King Antíoco I: a tumulus was built consisting of statues of himself, as well as two lions, tow eagles and various Armenian, Greek and Persian gods; a sight that adorns an unforgettable landscape.

Surprisingly, this site was completely unknown until Karl Sester, a German engineer, was absolutely impressed by the magnificent view he saw from the summit. Nowadays, earthquakes have been very hard with the surroundings of this site, beheading all the statues, leaving an unusual landscape of rocky bodies 2 metre tall. While we let this World Heritage Sites’ (1987) magic capture us, the ruins of the Comagene Kingdom give us an idea of the culture in this area back in the 1st and 2nd centuries d.c., known for its mixture of Persian and Hellenistic styles. A clash between past and present, surrounded a great nature richness; this is Nemrut Dagi, a destination you mustn’t miss if you visit Turkey.

Nemrut: The heads of the forgotten gods

Organise your trip


Autumn and spring are the best time to go. Turkey is a very big country with many different climates, depending on the area, but it has a Mediterranean climate for the most part, hot and dry summers and mild and rainy winters. In the western area, the summers are mild and warm and the winters mild (Istanbul, Pamukkale, Samsun, Éfeso, Izmir). In the eastern area, the summers and milder and the winters, colder (Capadocia, Ankara).

    <li>High season (June-August)</li>
    <li>Mid season (May and September)</li>
    <li>Low season (October-April)</li>



The European Health Insurance Card is not valid in Turkey. The health service is public, but also semi-public and private. We recommend hiring a private medical insurance. In case of emergency, contact the British consulate or embassy.



There are no mandatory vaccines to travel to Turkey. However, it is highly recommended to be up to date with the regular vaccines. Ask your doctor before leaving.



To drive in Turkey, the international driving licence is required, the passport and an insurance; you must have written permission to drive a car that is not of your property. Turkey has a wide road and motorway network in good conditions. The cars drive to the right. The bus is usually an efficient and fast method of transport. The trains are slower. 



Electrical power: 230V 50 Hz



GMT2 hours


How can I get there?

Mainly by plane, even though you can hire a car or a tour with transport included (cruise, bus, train).


Main Airports

The main international airports are located in western Turkey:

    <li>Ankara Airport</li>
    <li>Antalya Airport</li>
    <li>Bodrum Airport</li>
    <li>Dalaman Airport</li>
    <li>Istanbul Atatürk Airport</li>

Tel.: +90 (212) 465 30 00
Fax.: +90 (212) 465 35 47


Sabiha Gökçen Airport

Tel.: +90 (212) 585 50 00
Fax.: +90 (212) 585 51 14

Useful phone numbers

The prefix to call Turkey is 0090 (90). You can find phone booths around the entire country. To use them you have to buy a phone card (Telefon Karti) that you will find in the post office and kiosks. All of the hotels can make international phone calls. Prepaid cards can also be used in the phone booths (Kontörtu Kart) and you can also find them in the post offices and kiosks. A 100 TRY card will allow you to call a landline for 50 minutes and mobile line for 10 minutes



    <li>Turizm Sube Müdürlügü, Yerebatan Caddesi, 6, Sultanahmet</li>
    <li>Tel.: +90 (212) 527 45 03</li>
    <li>Tel.: +90 (212) 528 53 69</li>



    <li>Tourist information: 170</li>
    <li>Ambulance: 112</li>
    <li>Private ambulance: 0212 2470781</li>
    <li>Police: 155 Jandarma (Rural Police): 156</li>
    <li>Firefighters: 110</li>
    <li>Information arrivals Istanbul Airport: Tel.:+90 (212) 6630793</li>



Regional Istanbul Office

    <li>Süleyman Seba Cad., 7, Besiktas</li>
    <li>Tel.: +90 (212) 258 77 60</li>
    <li>Fax: +90 (212) 258 77 23</li>

Hotel Hilton, Taksim/Elmadag

    <li>Tel.: +90 (212) 233 05 92</li>
    <li>Karaköy Limani Yolcu Salonu Içi, Karaköy</li>
    <li>Tel.: +90 (212) 249 57 76</li>

Sirkeci Turizm Danisma Müdürlügü

    <li>Tel. +90 (212) 518 18 01</li>
    <li>Fax: +90 (212) 518 12 79</li>

Atatürk Airport, Yesilköy

    <li>Tel.: +90 (212) 465 30 00</li>
    <li>Fax: +90 (212) 465 35 47</li>

Sabiha Airport, Gökçen

    <li>Tel.: +90 (216) 585 50 00</li>
    <li>Fax: +90 (216) 585 51 14</li>

Documents and customs

Required documents

Your ID or Passport must be up to date. Getting a visa is easier than ever. Go to www.evisa.gov.tr and follow the few steps and get your visa easily and effectively, for stays that last up to 90 days. The majority of citizens from Western countries to not require a visa or can buy at the airport upon arrival. If you have not obtained your visa beforehand, you can get a sticker at the airport customs. It is valid for 90 days. In many casy, up to 180 days. The visa price may vary. A photograph is not required.


Customs Form

For products purchased over 1077 pounds, you must pay import taxes.


Duty free products

600 cigarretes, 200g of tobacco, 2kg of coffee, tea, chocolates or sweets, 1 litre of alcohol, 2 litres of wine or beer, 600ml of perfume, a laptop, a mobile phine. No limit for currencies. Souvenirs and presents up to 308 pounds (107 pounds for children under 15 years of age).

Money and currency exchange

Turkish currency

The Turkish currency is the turk lirasi (Turkish Lira; TRY). There are 5, 10, 20, 50, 100 y 200 notes, and  1, 5, 10, 25 y 50 coins. Nowadays, the Turkish Lira is a stable currency, however in previous year the high inflation created a new Turkish Lira to fight the inflation. Travellers must be careful in case someone tries to pay back with the old coins, because this Lira is no longer valid.


Credit cards

Visa and Mastercard/Eurocard cards are accepted in hotels, shops and restaurants, but not in hostels and restaurants located outside the main tourist areas. Amex are usually accepted in the luxury establishments.


Currency exchange

The easiest currencies to exchange are euros, British pounds, Japanese yens and American dollards. The currency exchange offices will charge no commission and an exchange rate lower than a bank may offer.


ATM Machines

ATM machines dispense Turkish Lira, and in some occasion euros and American dollars to Visa, Mastercard, Cirrus and Maestro users. Look for the logos on the machines, present in the majority of towns. Most of them offer instructions in English. If you will be moving around rural areas we recommend you bring cash with you.

Taxes and tips

Turkey is similar to Europe when it comes to tips. The more modest restaurants tips are usually 5%, however in luxury restaurants the tip can go up to 10%-15%. Some restaurants will automatically add up the servis ücreti (service) to your check.


VAT refund

Foreigners have the right to claim a VAT refund. You must shop at shops iwth the TAX free symbol and ask for an invoice, specifically for this purpose. You must leave the country a maximum of 3 months after claiming the refund.

If I book Flight + Hotel, when will I receive my travel documents?

Once the booking is confirmed you will receive a confirmation e-mail. The voucher for the hotel will be also sent by email plus the vouchers for any other services (car hire, transfer, travel insurance) if booked.

Please note that no flight tickets are sent due to most airlines using e-tickets. You only need to print our confirmation email where the Airline`s booking reference appears and take it with you to the airport with your ID/Passport documents.

Important: Some Low Cost Airlines (Ryanair, Easyjet, Wizzair, Blueair and others) now request all passengers to check-in online and print the Boarding Cards before departure through their corresponding websites. Failure to do so, these airlines will charge you a supplement at the airport.

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