Frequent questions about Cruises

What is the procedure for embarkation?

Arrival at the Cruise Terminal: guests must  arrive at the cruise terminal no later than  3 to 4 hours prior to the scheduled embarkation time printed on their cruise documents.

Embarkation begins at the time indicated on your cruise ticket. Check -in closes about 2 hours before the scheduled departure time.

Online check-in. Most cruise lines offer this service to give you a faster embarkation. If you wish to use this service you need to access the cruise line`s website and follow their instructions. 

On embarkation, passengers should do as follows (in order specified):

a) Deliver luggage to the designed staff, who will then have it sent directly to your stateroom. All bags should be labelled beforehand with the passenger's name and surname, the name of the ship, the cabin number and date of port of departure.

b) Go to the check-in desk with cruise ticket and passport.

c) After the document check, passengers will normally receive a cruise card that will be used for onboard payment of excursions, bar bills, laundry, in-cabin service, hairdresser, beautycentre, duty-free shops, photographer and service charge.

As a safety precaution, security staff may search a passenger and/or his/her luggage and confiscate any articles that the Company considers could risk the safety of the passengers, crew or ship (such as arms, diving knives, boilers, irons). Onboard, staff reserve the right to remove any beverages present in passenger`s baggage. These will be returned the evening before disembarkation. Passengers are not permitted to bring unpacked food on board.