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Frequent questions about Cruises

  1. Which is the best cruise ship for me?
  2. How to choose your perfect cruise?
  3. What documents do I need to go onboard the ship?
  4. What is the procedure for embarkation?
  5. What if I need to stay in touch while I am away?
  6. Can I change my stateroom after arrival on board?
  7. On a ship, is it possible to have breakfast in my cabin?
  8. What about shops and services on board?
  9. Arranging for an adequate flight time for my return flight
  10. Why can't you take your favorite pet on a cruise?
  11. Thinking of taking a cruise while you are expecting?
  12. What is a Guaranteed Stateroom ?
  13. What is the minimum age for taking children on board?
  14. Is there a chance of rough sailing?
  15. what is the deadline for boarding a cruise ship?
  16. Which items are not permitted on board?
  17. What about guests with special needs?
  18. Where can I park my car?
  19. What security is there on a cruise?
  20. Will I need an electrical converter?
  21. Will I meet many people during the cruise?
  22. Can I celebrate my honeymoon on a cruise?
  23. Will I be able to acces internet?
  24. Is there Mass services or weddings onboard?
  25. Can children travel on their parents documents?
  26. What is not including in my cruise booking?
  27. What are best routes to go river cruising?
  28. What does a day of sailing mean?
  29. What is the direction of the various ports of embarkation in Spain?
  30. What is the address of the various ports in Italy?
  31. What is the address of the various ports in Northern Europe?
  32. what is the address of the ports in America?
  33. What is the address of the various ports in the rest of Europe?
  34. When can I dine on board?
  35. What documents do I need to disembark in India?
  36. Can I change the flight times on a cruise, if included?
  37. Can you change your dinner time on board?
  38. What documents do I need to submit if I travel with a child who is not my son?
  39. How do I know the daily activities that will be performed each day on board?
  40. Freestyle dine at NCL
  41. What type of Exterior cabins are on the ship?
  42. What about advanced or delayed sailings and changes in the itinerary?
  43. Do I need to buy a travel insurance when going on a Cruise?
  44. Are Cruises All Inclusive?