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Menorca: Biosphere Reserve

Menorca, considered Biosphere Reserve by Unesco,has managed to combine touristic development with the conservation of a priviliged environment. It has an important historical and cultural heritage open to the sea. There are over 1.500 archaeological sites that make Menorca an outdoor museum. The island has a 200 km coastline, 70 beautiful beaches and an average temperature in the summer of 30ºC. A real gift.


It was the strategic situation for commerce in the Mediterranean Sea that made Menorca vulnerable to pirate attacks and large invasions. Talayotic, Roman, Byzantine, Muslim, Aragonese, British, French, Mallorcan... Menorca has been invaded by many civilisations. Nowadays, this eclectic past is part of its charm and has helped to make the island's unique personality. From east to west, the island covers 48 km. Discover the historic Ciutadella, the beautiful and colonial capital city of Mahón, the interior landscapes covered in white rural houses, the exquisite gastronomy, the spectacular beaches, festivities like Sant Joan (Ciutadella) and Mare de Déu de Gràcia (Mahón)... Don't forget to try the famous cheese, try on the iconic avarques shoes and toast with the excellent gin. Enjoy the island's slow pace

Menorca: Biosphere Reserve

Active Tourism

Do you still think that Menorca only offers white-sanded beaches where you can sunbathe and swim in crystal clear water? Don't be fooled, there is much more to Menorca.


The island has an exceptional landscape, ideal for active tourism. It has an exceptional natural scenery, historical and cultural heritage and great gastronomy that offer a great variety of ways to discover Menorca in an active and adventurous way.


Did you know that along the coastline there are spectacular beaches, impressive cliffsunspoilt islets and marine reserves? There are many sports and leisure activities you can enjoy. This is one of the best ways to enjoy a unique experience in the sea. Where would you like to start?


If you enjoy feeling the sea breeze on your face, the island's interior will not let you down. Do you want to explore unspoilt hideouts and a wide variety of natural habitat the make Menorca a real paradise? There are endless paths and cliffs that you can experience in nature.


There are specialised businesses in Menorca that offer their experience and advice on Active Tourism activites. They will help you choose an activity that best suits you and will provide you with the information on the best routes etc.


Active Tourism


Do you know how little you feel when you travel in a kayak at the foot of an impressive cliff? No? Find out! This boat's features will allow you to get to know the Menorcan coast centimetre by centimetre and discover beautiful calas and amazing caves, only accessible by sea.


Kayaking is a simple sport you can enjoy on your own, with your significant other or with a group of friends. You can choose to go around the entire island or to get to know the coast in phases, following the tours suitable for all levels.


Enjoy a wide variety of excursions and plan your trip at your own pace or with a guide.


Talayotic Route

The first traces of human presence date back to 2100 BC. Until the arrival of the Romans in 123 AD, the island's ancient history goes through different phases.



One of the most symbolic and exclusive buildings of Menorca are the navetas, burial collective constructions. Naveta de es Tudons in Ciutadell, dates back to the 9th century BC.



Between 1000 and 700 BC the talaoits were built. Their main purpose was to keep watch over the surrounding area, as well as provinding a focal point for the communities living around them. During this time period, known as the Talayotic period, burial caves were dug out of the cliffs in calas and cliffs like the Calascoves (Alaior). 



The post-Talayotic period started in 650 BC. This was the time when Menorca’s most unique and distinctive constructionswere built: the taula sanctuaries. They were used for human and soil fertility rituals.

In the settlements circular houses were built. The largest known is the Círculo Cartailhac that dates from the 2nd century BC in the Torre d'en Galmés (Alaior) settlement.



    <li>Naveta des Tudons</li>
    <li>Cales Coves Necropolis</li>
    <li>Trepucó Talayotic Settlement</li>
    <li>Municipal Museum of Ciutadella</li>
    <li>Talati de Dalt Talayotic Settlement</li>
    <li>Rafal Rubí Navetas</li>
    <li>Montefí Talayotic Settelemnt</li>
    <li>Menorca Museum</li>
    <li>Son Mercer de Baix naviforme settlement</li>
    <li>Torrelló Talayot</li>
    <li>Torrellafud talayotic settelement</li>
    <li>Binisssafullet <span style="line-height: 20.7999992370605px;">talayotic settelement</span></li>
    <li><span style="line-height: 20.7999992370605px;">Cornia Nou Talayot</span></li>
    <li><span style="line-height: 20.7999992370605px;">Cala Morell Necropolis</span></li>
    <li>Trbalúger Talayor</li>
    <li>Biniac - L'Argentna Navetas</li>
    <li>Sa Torreta de Tramuntana Talayotic Settelment</li>
    <li>So na Caçana</li>
    <li>Torralba d'en Salort Talayotic Settlement</li>


Talayotic Route

Camí de Cavalls

In Menorca there used to exist a beautiful path that went around the entire island through the coastline, crossing secluded calas, cliffs, forest and fields. It is the Camí de Cavalls (Horse Path), named after the constant circulation of British soldiers that guarded the coast on their horses during the island's British domination.


Nowadays this path has been recovered and signs have been put up for public use. Completing the full path, staying at the calas (camping is forbidden), can be an interesting and adventurous alternative to a traditional holiday, more in contact with nature. However, you can also decide to go through parts of the path, an excellent way of getting to know the coastline.

Camí de Cavalls

General Forecast

If you travel to Menorca, island of serenity, you will enjoy a Mediterranean climate with mild temperatures. In the summer the average temperature is 25ºC and in winter 12ºC. The light and the warm sea temperature all year round allow bathing in Spring and Autumn. Discover Menorca, a luminous island with long, sunny days.


  • The climate in Menorca is mild all year round. In July and August the heat is more intense and the island is busier
  • In summer and with higher temperatures, it is highly recommended to drink more and keep away from the sun during the most intense heat hours of the day
  • During the spring, Menorca is especially green and beautiful. A great time to go hiking and explore Menorca's interesting routes.
JAN14.0 °C7.5 °C
FEB14.2 °C7.5 °C
MAR15.5 °C8.4 °C
APR17.3 °C10.0 °C
MAY21.1 °C13.4 °C
JUN25.0 °C17.2 °C
JUL28.4 °C20.3 °C
AUG28.9 °C21.1 °C
SEP26.1 °C18.7 °C
OCT22.0 °C15.4 °C
NOV17.7 °C11.1 °C
DEC15.2 °C8.9 °C

Organise your trip

You can start to prepare your trip to Menorca today. We will provide you with all the required information to make your trip to the island of serenity, a perfect one. 



Menorca has a typically Mediterranean, mild climate all year round. Any month in the year is perfect to hike in Menorca. From May to Octobre, the temperature is perfect to enjoy the fine, golden-sanded beachs and the turquoise watered beaches.

Don't forget the festivities! In June, you can enjoy Sant Joan, in Ciutadella, one of the most important in the Menorcan calendar, that originated in Medieval Times. 

If you are looking for a trip to Menorca at the best price possible, travel during low season. The prices usually go up during Christmas, Easter, bank holidays and the summer months.



Your ID and/or passport are essential to travel as well as your driving licence if you are thinking of hiring a car. Young travellers, students or senior citizens are entitled to discounts on public transportation, museum tickets and other interesting sites.

How do I get there?


With over 2.5 million passengers registred in 2013, Menorca Airport (MAH) is the island's main connecting point with the outside, especially with international tourism. Located 5 km from Mahón, the island's capital, it is well connected with the main European airports.

During low season the options to fly are very diverse and the majority of flights come from Madrid, Barcelona and Palma de Mallorca. During the summer months there are more flights available. Most passengers come from Spain, United Kingdom and Italy.

There is a bus stop and a taxi stop at Mahón Airport.


Public Bus

Bus number 10 connects the airport with the Mahón bus station. From the station there are several buses that connect with the city and other towns. Bus stop at the airport: Terminal. Floor 0. Arrvials


Taxi Stop

There is a taxi stop in the passenger terminal (Floor 0. Arrivals.) Ask for an invoice in case of any further complaints.


Car Hire

The best way to get to know the island is to hire a car at the airport. Even though there is an excellent bus network that connects the main cities (Mahón and Ciutadellla) with the most important tourist centres, the best way to move around is by car. The prices are higher during high season.



Many travellers hire holiday packages that include flight, transport to and from the airport and acommodation.

Where can I stay?

In Menorca you will find a wide range of hotels to suit all tastes and budgets, offering spectacular resorts with an “all inclusive” basis or half board, most of them specialised in family holidays. Most of these resorts have swimming pools, entetainment for children, leisure activities for adults...


For those who prefer staying in cities like Ciutadella and Mahón, Menorca offers city hotels and boutique hotels located in symbolic buildings.


For a more intimate stay, there are exclusive villas that offer all of the facilities you need. If you want a taste of the real Menorca atmosphere there is nothing better than staying in a rural hotel. Ideal for a relaxing holiday and for lovers of hiking, nature and traditions. Many of them are buil near the Camí de Cavalls.


You also have a wide variety of first class hotels located along all of the island's beautiful coastline. Check if your acommodation includes breakfast at the hotel. The majority of the hotels include buffet breakfast with a wide variety of cold and warm dishes. They also usually offer local dishes cooked seasonally.

Medical Assitance

You may take out an insurance policy to cover medical assistance during the trip. We also offer a travel insurance policy, which covers medical assistance, theft and cancellation charges. Several private medical centres and private hospitals throughout many towns on the island offer medical assitance. 



In order to get assistance at a public medical centre or hospital you must have a Medical Card. Menorca has medical services all over the island. The Public Health Service has hospitals located in the main towns and medical centres spread all over the island. In Mahón you will find IB Salut Mateu Orfila Hospital.

There are also private medical centres. The Red Cross has several emergency centres in many villages and beaches. As in the rest of the country, in case of emergency you must dial 112. The call is free of charge and you will receive attention immediately in four languages (Spanish, Catalan, English and German). They will coordinate all the required emergency services such as ambulances, Fire Department and Police.

Currency and Customs

The Euro is the official currency in the Balearic Islands. As in the rest of the country, you may use credit cards for most of your financial transactions, especially in the touristic areas, where they tend to facilitate consumption to their clients. There may be some shops or small bars that only accept cash. 

There is a wide network of ATM’s in the main towns of the island, but please bear in mind that banks charge a commission if you withdraw cash with other banks’ credit cards. 



    <li>4B - VISA Electron - Master Card - VISA: 0034 902 114 400 / 0034 913 626 200</li>
    <li>Servired (VISA - VISA Electron - Master Card): 0034 902 192 100</li>
    <li>American Express: 0034 902 375 637</li>
    <li>Red 6000: 0034 915 965 335</li>

Cultural Agenda

Land of legends, traditions and mix of cultures, Menorca offers visitors attractive, unique festivities. Cavalls a es Born (horses in Es Born) or Sant Joan are most famous. Many locals and tourists participate in one of the main events of the Menorcan summer amongst pomadathe popular drink made from Menorcan Gin Xoriguer and lemonade.

But Menorca is much more. During your holiday you can enjoy craftsmanship fairs, gastronomy, concerts, theatre, cultural events... Check our cultural calendar for the most importants events of the year



Sant Antoni festivity

Gastronomy festivity






Sant Joan



Patriotic feast

Carmen festivity

Santiago festivity



Sant Crisòfol festivity

Sant Caietà festivity

Craftsmanship festivity



Mare de Déu de Gràcia festivity






If I book Flight + Hotel, when will I receive my travel documents?

Once the booking is confirmed you will receive a confirmation e-mail. The voucher for the hotel will be also sent by email plus the vouchers for any other services (car hire, transfer, travel insurance) if booked.

Please note that no flight tickets are sent due to most airlines using e-tickets. You only need to print our confirmation email where the Airline`s booking reference appears and take it with you to the airport with your ID/Passport documents.

Important: Some Low Cost Airlines (Ryanair, Easyjet, Wizzair, Blueair and others) now request all passengers to check-in online and print the Boarding Cards before departure through their corresponding websites. Failure to do so, these airlines will charge you a supplement at the airport.

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