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Malta: More to explore

Malta is heart of the Mediterranean and cultural melting pot. The Maltese archipelago is a gem made from the sea's patience and man's work. In the islands history and legend unite and are written on the golden rocks on top of many shades of blue. The captivating natural landscape, the monumental legacy and the turquoise water will turn your holiday into a unique experience.

Malta offers endless reasons to visit it. A 7000 year history and the civilisations that have inhabited the place will take you back in time: from the megalithic temples, the most ancient in the world, to the monumental legacy of La Valetta, Mdina or Rabat. The incredible beaches or the beautiful submarine landscapes in Gozo or Comino and Sliema's busy nightlife. Malta is much more than a trip.

Malta: More to explore

Monumental and cultural Malta

Malta has a significant cultural heritage taking into account its small size. It has several spots that are considered World Heritage by Unesco: the city of La Valletta, Hipogeo in Hal Saflieni and the Megalythical temples of Gjantija, Hagar Qim, Tarxien, Mnajdra and Ta'hagrat & Skorba.


The centenary architecture, product of its history's cultural mosaic will surprise you: Mdina fortress, Roman remains, St. Paul and St Agatha catacombs or the endless palaces and palazzos that cover the capital's streets.


Malta summarises a large part of the European cultural past and what best summarises the archipelago's history are its over 300 churches. The oldest  is St Paul's, built in the year 60 AD, and the most important is St John's cathedral, in La Valletta.


A part from the monuments, Malta is also a country with many cultural events and festivities: the arts, culture, sports and enterainment are an important part of the island's lifestyle. During the summer the fireworks will guide you to the places where festivities are being celebrated in Malta and Gozo. 

Monumental and cultural Malta

Relax: the sun and the beach

Malta is a privileged destination for many reasons, one of them being a small archipelago where there is always a beach nearby. The climate, mild during most part of the year, and the dreamy coastline will make you want to come back.


It has a great variety of options to choose from: comfortable, sandy beches or wild, isolated beaches. Don't forget the amazing cliffs or the areas to practice your favourite sports.



    <li><strong>Tas-Sliema and St. Julians</strong>. The two main tourist centres of the island have rocky beaches where you can relax, not far from the hotel are.</li>
    <li><strong>Mellieha Bay</strong>: Golden-sanded beach and shallow waters you can enjoy with your family.</li>
    <li><strong>Ghajn Tuffieha Bay </strong>and <strong>Golden Bay</strong>. Two of the most beautiful Maltese beaches. They are connected by a beautiful and arduous path. Golden Bay is more accessible but with less charm.</li>
    <li><strong>Ramla Bay</strong>. Highly recommend visiting the most beautiful beach in Gozo, especially at mid-season (May/June-September/October). The golden sand and the crystal-clear water, the natural environment and the beach clubs make it a very good option.</li>
    <li><strong>Blue Lagoon</strong>: Comino's most known places, its turquoise water will dazzle you. Even though it is a rocky beach, it is very busy in the summer. This place is one of the best for snorkelling and scuba diving.</li>
    <li><strong>Santa Marija Bay</strong>. Beautiful, sandy bay.</li>

Relax: the sun and the beach

Outdoor activities

If you are an adventurous person, Malta is a great place to enjoy many outdoor activities in its exceptional climate.


Diving: natural ports, bays, reefs and caves make it one of the best Mediterranean destinations for all sorts of diving.


Sailing: Malta is an island with a nautical tradition that has many options for you. The Marsamxett Harbour is one of the most popular areas. There are also many boat excursions around the islands.


Water sports:sailing, jet skiing, water skiing, paragliding, windsurfing... The majority of hotels have equipment to hire. If you prefer windsurfing the best areas are Il-Mellieha and Bahar Ic-Cagnaq.


Hiking: Malta and Gozo both offer a wide network of hiking routes you can follow on a bicycle, riding a horse or by foot. Gozo provides a more relaxed atmosphere.


Climbing: Malta's marvellous coast with cliffs provides an exciting challange for climbing enthusiasts. There over 1200 climbing routes awaiting, whichever your level. If you wish to learn you can do so with Malta Rock Climbing

Outdoor activities


Malta and Gozo are a diving sanctuary in the Mediterranean sea: 35.000 divers choose this location every year. The priviliged climates of ths islands allows diving all year round. The crystal-clear water, even in the deeper end, allows a vision of over 30 metres deep that, together with the wildlife and plantlife conservation, make it an extraordinary destination.


Plato described Atlantis as an island inhabited by a more advanced civilisation and numerous archaeological sites like Janet-Johann indicate that Malta could have been part of this mythical underwater continent.


The islands offer divers a great infrastructure as well as network of quality services at a very reasonable price. If you are going on a short trip do not worry, you can hire equipment at a reasonable price. If you are travelling alone or in a group, there are many tourist information desks to prepare your dives.


Places that are a must:

    <li><strong>Rozi </strong>port, at 36 metres deep you will find Marfa, one of the most beautiful shipwrecks in the world</li>
    <li><strong>Marsamxett </strong>port hides underneath the surface World War II shipwrecks Maori and Carolita Barge</li>
    <li><strong>Wied iz-Zurrieq</strong>. You can access several underwater caves and the oil tanker Um El Faroud, sunk at 35 metres, from the beach</li>
    <li><strong>Dwejra</strong>, in Gozo. Don't miss the Inland Sea tunnel and the Blue Hole, in the top ten best European beaches for diving.</li>
    <li><strong>Irqiega</strong>, in the southeastern cornet of Comino, there is a spectacular underwater cliff where you will find an abundant wildlife.</li>

    JAN16.3 °C10 °C
    FEB19.5 °C9.9 °C
    MAR21.1 °C11.3 °C
    APR24.2 °C12.9 °C
    MAY26.5 °C16.3 °C
    JUN29.7 °C20.1 °C
    JUL34.5 °C22.5 °C
    AUG34.8 °C23.4 °C
    SEP29.9 °C21.5 °C
    OCT25.5 °C18.5 °C
    NOV21.3 °C14.9 °C
    DEC17.6 °C11.5 °C

    Organise your trip

    You can start planning your trip to Malta today. We will provide you with all of the information to make your trip a perfect one.



    High season in Malta is from June to September. Whenever possible, we recommend avoiding July and August, when it is at its busiest. In June and September the temperature is milder and it is less busy

    It is also a good idea to visit in Spring, when the green tones and vivid colours of the flowers cover the fields.

    The temperature in Malta is mild all year round. The climate is influenced by the Mediterranean Sea. You will find no extreme temperatures like those of other nearby countries.



    Malta has a typical Mediterranean climate: hot, with dry summer and mild and humid winters. From November to April, the average temperature is 14ºC and the sun shines almost every day. From May to October the influence of the sea breeze provides an average temperature of 25ºC, but in July and August it can reach 30ºC.



    If you want to travel to Malta for the best price, travel in April and October, the prices are much cheaper than from July to September. 



    The time zone is Malta is that of Central Europe, GMT+1.


    Documents and discounts

    Malta is part of the European Union (EU), so you only need your ID to travel. If you are going to hire a car don't forget your driving licence.



    Citizens of the European Union and countries part of Commonwealth do not need a visa to travel to Malta.



    If you have a stundent card bring it with you everywhere. You will get discounts and special prices for students.

    How do I get there?


    Malta International Airport is located in Hal Luqa, only 8 kilometres away from La Valleta. 



    There is a wide variety of charter flights and package holidays that include flight and acommodation, especially during high season, but there are discounts available all year round. 



    Hiring a car is a good option if you want to discover the hidden corners of the island. The main car hire companies are located at the airports but there are also local business that are cheaper and just as trustworthy



    Many cruises around the Mediterranean have a stop in La Valleta. It has a modern terminal in Grand Harbour



    Many tourists choose this option to see the main attractions of one place in little time.

    Where can I stay?

    There are many acommodation options in Malta. It has a wide variety of hotels for all tastes and budgets.


    You can choose hotels or aparthotels of all categories that are spread around the three islands. There are rural hotels, villas and camping sites if you wish to be closer to nature. If you are more of an urban person you can rent an apartment, with or without a kitchen, or stay at a hostel in the main cities.


    Tourist information offices

    There are many Tourist Information Offices where you can find local infromation and tips for your trip in Malta


      <li>Valletta Waterfront 356 21220633</li>
      <li>Malta International Airport 356 23696073/4</li>
      <li>Birgu 356 21800145</li>
      <li>Mellieħa 356 21524666</li>
      <li>Mdina 356 21454480</li>
      <li>St. Paul's Bay 356 21419176</li>


    Tourist Information Offices in Gozo

      <li>Victoria: 356 22915452</li>
      <li>Freephone Service: 80072230 (only local phone calls) Monday to Saturday de 09:00 - 17:30 Sundays and Public Holidays de 09:00 - 13:00</li>

    Medical Assistance

    The most common health problems tourists suffer is the overexposure to the sun. The water is drinkable but comes from a desalination plant making the taste quite unpleasant. You can buy bottled water anywhere.


    EU citizens have the right to medical assistance with the European Health Insurance Card.

    If I book Flight + Hotel, when will I receive my travel documents?

    Once the booking is confirmed you will receive a confirmation e-mail. The voucher for the hotel will be also sent by email plus the vouchers for any other services (car hire, transfer, travel insurance) if booked.

    Please note that no flight tickets are sent due to most airlines using e-tickets. You only need to print our confirmation email where the Airline`s booking reference appears and take it with you to the airport with your ID/Passport documents.

    Important: Some Low Cost Airlines (Ryanair, Easyjet, Wizzair, Blueair and others) now request all passengers to check-in online and print the Boarding Cards before departure through their corresponding websites. Failure to do so, these airlines will charge you a supplement at the airport.

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