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You'll be right for sure!

Give a Logitravel Gift Card: you will be right for sure

At Logitravel we have the perfect gift for anyone. If you want to get your next gift right, a Logitravel gift card is the ideal option. It is perfect for a birthday, for those getting married, as a present for Christmas or Valentine's Day, for Father's and Mother's Day... You will surprise that person that you love and we are sure you will succeed! Give the pleasure of travelling, disconnecting and enjoying a tailor-made vacation. You can choose any amount you want, customise the card to your liking and deliver it. So easy and comfortable.

Expiry date

The gifted person will have 12 months to redeem the gift card for a trip available on Logitravel´s website.

fully customizable

The gift card can be completely personalised according to the reason for the celebration and the person receiving the card. You also choose the amount to give and you can add a message.

easy and comfortable

It is very easy to set up and send this to the desired person. At any time and place, and in just two steps you will have the gift card ready to deliver.

Send it whenever you want

The card can be printed and given by hand, as well as sent by email.

Set up your Gift Card

Choose card style
Choose the amount on the card (Minimum €10)
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How is the gift card redeemed?

To redeem the gift card, the owner of the card must access their Logitravel account and import it in the Wallet section. If you do not have a Logitravel account, you must open one. Once logged in, when you reach the booking payment page, the amount in your wallet will appear as a possible payment method.

What if you want to book something more expensive?

The owner of the gift card will be able to use the balance available for that reservation and add the remaining amount through another payment method.

What if you want to book something cheaper?

The unspent balance will remain open in your Wallet section to use for future purchases.

Are the cards nominative?

Yes, the cards are personal. Once it has been redeemed in a user's account, only this user will have access to the amount of the gift card to pay for reservations.

Can they be canceled or modified?

Once the gift card has been configured and purchased, it is no longer possible to cancel or modify it.

What trips does it give access to?

With the balance of the gift card you can purchase any product and trip offered on the Logitravel page. From packages, to hotels, cruises, circuits, etc.

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