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Route 66, from Chicago to Las Vegas

Ready to set off on the trip of your lifetime? The legendary Route 66 awaits

Route 66 is a myth in itself, an icon within the United States. Not surprisingly so. Americans call it the Mother Road because it's one of the original federal highways and crosses a large part of the country. It's a legendary and highly attractive route. A wonderful and magical road trip that you'll never forget. 3,945 thrilling kilometres along which you'll come across enchanting and exciting places that will enamour and enthral you. What's more, you'll also get the chance to meet fascinating people en route. Some will be following the same road trip as you, and others will be trying to retain the original Route 66 spirit, either with their businesses or with their simple testimony. Make sure you ask them about the best-kept secrets of the Main Street of America (another nickname for the road). This is a trip with a huge degree of freedom, as you can stop off wherever you want, even in places that don't show up on the map. But don't worry, as Route 66 is perfectly signposted and usually runs parallel to a highway, meaning that you can make up time if you get carried away somewhere. You'll also have the chance to visit two major cities (Chicago and Las Vegas) and spend a night in the Grand Canyon, an authentic wonder of nature. Remember that you can map out a custom trip at your own pace, with the chance to extend your overnight stays wherever you fancy. Any more must-sees? The list is long, although highlights do include Saint Louis, Springfield (the origin of Route 66), Oklahoma, and Santa Fe (the oldest city in the US and one of the most beautiful in the state of New Mexico). The 'Route 66 from Chicago to Las Vegas' tour is one of the most famous and authentic road trips in the whole world. Why wait any longer to hit the road and discover all its secrets?

Route 66, from Chicago to Las Vegas

Departure date

Departures from July 2024 till June 2025


Dublin, Shannon, Cork...

Route 66

Travel details

  • Travel details

  • Day 1 City of origin - Chicago

  • Day 2 Chicago

  • Day 3 Chicago - St. Loius

  • Day 4 Saint Louis - Springfield

  • Day 5 Springfield - Catoosa - Tulsa - Oklahoma City

  • Day 6 Oklahoma City - El Reno - Weatherford - Clinton - Elk City - Amarillo

  • Day 7 Amarillo - Tucumcari

  • Day 8 Tucumcari - Santa Fe

  • Day 9 Santa Fe

  • Day 10 Santa Fe - Albuquerque - Holbrook (optional visit to Petrified Forest National Park)

  • Day 11 Holbrook - Grand Canyon

  • Day 12 Grand Canyon - Hoover - Las Vegas

  • Day 13 Las Vegas - City of origin

  • Day 14 City of origin

Your trip includes

  • Return flight.

  • Stay in selected hotel in Chicago.

  • Selected meal plan in Chicago.

  • Stay in selected hotel in Saint Louis - Missouri.

  • Selected meal plan in Saint Louis - Missouri.

  • Stay in selected hotel in Springfield - Mo.

  • Selected meal plan in Springfield - Mo.

  • Stay in selected hotel in Oklahoma City - Ok.

  • Selected meal plan in Oklahoma City - Ok.

  • Stay in selected hotel in Amarillo - Tx.

  • Selected meal plan in Amarillo - Tx.

  • Stay in selected hotel in Tucumcari - Nm.

  • Selected meal plan in Tucumcari - Nm.

  • Stay in selected hotel in Santa Fe - Nm.

  • Selected meal plan in Santa Fe - Nm.

  • Stay in selected hotel in Holbrook - Az.

  • Selected meal plan in Holbrook - Az.

  • Stay in selected hotel in Grand Canyon - Az.

  • Selected meal plan in Grand Canyon - Az.

  • Stay in selected hotel in Las Vegas.

  • Selected meal plan in Las Vegas.

  • Rent-a-car.

    • Amount of the supplement for collection and return of the vehicle in a different office.

Your trip doesn't include

  • Electronic Authorization (ESTA/ETA) to enter in US.

  • Resort fee US.

  • Possible toll charges.

  • Insolvency protection.

Important remarks

- Tips in US are a common practice.

- Generally in US the accommodation in the triple rooms have two double beds or one double and one single bed and the quadruple accommodation has two double beds.

- Driving in the USA: 1.Overtaking on the right is not only legal but everyone does it. And the sooner you get used to roads with more than five lanes, the better. 2.It is legal (and mandatory) to turn right on a red light when there is a signal to do so. 3. With regard to parking, make sure you check when you can park on the street and never park in front of a fire hydrant (even though there are no signs prohibiting it). If there are lines painted on the road to mark out parking spaces, leave the car right in the middle of them, however huge the gap may seem. Be especially careful in the centre of big cities and don't let the parking meter go over by even one minute (check before paying because there are days of the week or certain times when you don't have to pay). 4.Beware of tolls. They will be indicated with the words toll or turnpike and don't usually have a barrier, so you can drive through them without realising and then receive a fine a few weeks later. Don't drive in FasTrak Only lanes and make sure you have some cash on you, as some tolls are cash-only. 5.Unless you want a ticket and a stern chat from a Highway Patrol Officer, it's best not to drive more than five or ten miles above the maximum speed allowed for the road. If the police end up stopping you, keep your hands on the steering wheel and in sight at all times and don't even think about trying to be funny. 6.We recommend signing up to roadside assistance services and a GPS when you hire a car.

- Consult the entry restrictions and additional requirements for people who have previously traveled to destinations such as Cuba, Iran, Iraq, Yemen, Syria, etc.

- Hotels may charge a Resort Fee charge that must be paid directly at the destination. The amount can vary between approximately $15 and $65 per room per night. This charge is indicative and may be modified depending on the establishment's policy.

- Almost all National Parks have an information centre for visitors with very friendly and welcoming rangers, always willing to do everything possible for tourists to enjoy their visit. Most of the parks have routes, hiking trails, parking spaces, toilets, kiosks, restaurants, guided tours, donkey or horse tours and educational centres. The National Park Service runs a great website with excellent information about its parks: We recommend buying an Annual Pass (cost $80) if you plan to visit two or more national parks (entrance to a national park with a car usually costs about $35). This pass is valid for one year from the date of purchase. At parks that charge a fee per vehicle, the pass covers the holder and the passengers in a private vehicle. At parks that charge fees per person, the pass covers the holder and three more passengers (children under sixteen have free admission). For further information about National Park Passes, visit You can buy the pass at the entrance to many parks (list here: or online ( Within the typical west coast route, there are several iconic must-visit parks that aren't included in this pass, such as Antelope Canyon and Monument Valley, so you have to pay for admission separately.

- The proposed excursions and tours for each day are purely suggestions, as you can tailor the trip to suit your times, tastes and needs.

- A credit card is considered a guarantee, so sometimes you will need one for check-in at hotels.

- Hotels usually have cots available. Otherwise, babies will have to share a bed with an adult.

- To pick up your rental car, you'll need a credit (not debit) card in the name of the person who made the booking, who must also be the named driver of the vehicle.

- Consult the necessary documentation to enter the destinations visited and for transit in the countries where air stopovers are made.

- You must give notice that you are going to cross the border while collecting the vehicle. Authorisation may be required to drive through certain countries or areas/states (as is the case in the US and Canada). Depending on the conditions set out in the rental contract and the company hired, you might be charged a surcharge payable at the destination office.