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Sardinia: Sardinia

If you are looking for the best beaches in the Mediterranean, look no further! They are located here, in Costa Esmeralda. This paradise brings together more than 50 beaches of white sand and transparent water that would be featured in the Top 10 of any country. Yet here they are, in the same area! There are beaches specialised in water sports, such as those in Palau, where you can practice the best windsurfing and the best kitesurfing in the Mediterranean, and other suitable for family tourism, such as La Cinta, in San Teodoro.

Of special mention is Porto Cervo, the epicenter of Mediterranean luxury. In recent years it has become the meeting point for rich and famous people who enjoy their summer holidays in an exclusive enclave. The yachts multiply in the port and a stroll through the pontoons can become an oneiric experience, as well as visiting the boutiques of the first firms, which are all present in Porto Cervo.

The nightlife is also one of the strong points of Costa Esmeralda. Lately, dozens of shops have been opened focused on enjoying the magnificent sunsets and nightlife near the beach. There are bars and clubs where the latest musical trends are played and where having a drink or a few is a real pleasure.

Some key spots not to miss out if you visit this area are Arzachena, Baja Sardinia, Olbia and Palau, Porto Cervo, Porto Rotondo and San Teodoro.

Costa Esmeralda has an airport that guarantees easy access by air and also several tourist ports that have countless connections with the peninsula of Italy and also with a large number of islands. Finally, the road network is very well preserved and the area is perfectly connected to each other and to the rest of the island.

Sardinia: Sardinia

Nuraghe his Nuraxi in Barumini

This is one of the mandatory stops you have to make if you visit Sardinia. Nuraxi di Barumini is the most important archaeological site on the island. Not in vain, its antiquity, its good state of conservation and its uniqueness have earned it recognition as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Here are the best preserved nuraghi of Sardinia, a set of defense towers made of rocks, with different huts forming the village around them. The beauty of this place is full of history. Already in the age of the bronze it was inhabited and later dominated by Punic and Roman. The imprint of all these civilizations can still be glimpsed in every corner. We can’t forget that each of its monuments was made in different stages of Italian history.

To get there, it is best to take the car, since it is only an hour away from the capital, Cagliari. It’s located in the village of Barumini, in Medio Campidano. If you want to avoid large crowds, it is best to get up and arrive early, so you can take the best photographs of this site and enjoy it with more calm and tranquility. Once there, we recommend you to book a guided tour. This will give you more information during your route throughoutl this ancient nuraghe village.

Nuraghe his Nuraxi in Barumini
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    FEB14 °C6 °C
    MAR16 °C7 °C
    APR18 °C9 °C
    MAY22 °C12 °C
    JUN26 °C16 °C
    JUL29 °C18 °C
    AUG29 °C19 °C
    SEP27 °C17 °C
    OCT23 °C13 °C
    NOV18 °C9 °C
    DEC15 °C7 °C

    Plan your trip

    You can start preparing your trip to Sardinia today. We provide you with all the necessary information to make your trip perfect.

    When to go?

    Sardinia has an insular Mediterranean climate and therefore becomes a perfect island to discover any time of the year. It is also one of the regions with the lowest cloud index, which guarantees approximately three hundred days of sunshine per year. If your purpose is to enjoy its endless and idyllic beaches and make sure you get good weather and sun, it is best to travel in the summer. The temperature is around 30 degrees and, on the hottest days, can reach up to 40 in the interior villages of the island. But if you prefer to enjoy its beaches in a cooler and calmer surroundings, a good option is to take advantage of the Easter holidays, a perfect choice to avoid crowds and get to know the island in a much milder yet warm temperature. The best times to visit the island are spring and autumn. Two seasons in which the temperatures are very pleasant both to enjoy its beaches, calmer and less agglomerated than in summer, as well as to visit its villages, its history and its traditions, without feeling the heat of the strongest months. In winter the temperatures are not very low, although you have to keep in mind that Sardinia is an island and therefore you’ll get humid weather. And we must be aware that although it is not usual, it sometimes snows during the winter months in mountainous areas. The coldest months oscillate between December and February with minimums of 17º.


    Since Sardinia is an Italian island and belongs to the European Union, the only documentation you will need is your ID Card or passport updated. You don’t need a visa. But if you want to visit the island hiring a car, one of the best options to make the most of your trip and reach all its corners, we recommend you take the driver’s license. In case you bring your own car to Sardinia, don’t forget to bring all the documentation: the car license, the vehicle inspection sheet, the MOT, the last receipt of the circulation tax and the current insurance receipt. In case of accident, it is important to carry the European social security card. With it, you will have no problem receiving health care on the island.

    How to get there?


    There are several companies that offer connections by sea between Spain, Italy or France, to Sardinia. We will find regular ferry lines that leave from Barcelona in the direction of Porto Torres, on the north coast of the island. This is the best option, if what you are thinking about is visiting the island and bring your own car or motorcycle, since there is a car park in the ferry and its prices are not too expensive. But if you do not go to Sardinia from Spain, we have other shorter alternatives are to take the ferry that leaves from Marseille, in France, or the one that leaves from Genoa, already in Italy .. Although they are not the only routes, since ships also leave from other ports located on the Italian coast such as Rome, Naples or Civitavecchia.


    This is one of the most frequent options for tourists who visit Sardinia, since the island has many regular flights operated by low cost companies. The island consists of 4 airports. The Fertilia airport in Alghero and the Elmas airport in Cagliari are the most popular and have the largest number of connections. Alghero is perfect for those who want to discover the north, and Cagliari, for those who visit the south.

    Where to stay?

    Sardinia is open to tourism throughout the year, so it offers all kinds of accommodation for those who visit. Finding an option that suits the quality-price you're looking for will surely be easy. The only thing you have to bear in mind is the kind of trip you want to do. If you are looking for an affordable option, staying in Alghero or Arzachena are your best options. They offer all types of very comfortable bed & breakfast. They also have airports nearby and will allow you to discover more about the northern part of the island and the spectacular Costa Esmeralda. Living it is also possible for those who choose to stay in Porto Torres, since it will be surrounded by the glamor of this wonderful coastal area and you can also find B&B, apartments and villas. Another option is to stay is the capital, Cagliari, perfect for those who want to visit the southern part of the island during the day and also want to enjoy their nightlife. Cagliari offers accommodation of all kinds and adapted to suit all tastes. The already known as the Mediterranean Caribbean also has space for the most exclusive, who can choose between sleeping in a luxury hotel on the Costa Esmeralda, a 5 star resort in the south of the island or a luxurious villa. For the most fortunate, Porto Cervo is the most exclusive place and where it is more expensive to stay. Of course, sleeping there is one of the experiences you will never forget.


    You can subscribe to an insurance policy that covers healthcare during the trip. There are travel policies that in addition to covering medical expenses, cover trip cancellations and possible thefts. Several private health entities have medical services and private clinics in the different towns of the Island.


    To request assistance in any public center or hospital, it is advisable to have an European Health Insurance Card (or EHIC), which can be requested by phone or through the Internet. All the localities of Sardinia have medical services. The public sector has hospitals located in the main population centers and outpatients distributed throughout the island.

      <li><strong>Ospedale Cesare Zonchello </strong><br />
      Piazza Sardegna, Nuoro<br />
      Phone: 0039 0784 240237</li>
      <li><strong>Ospedale San Francesco </strong><br />
      Via Mannironi, 1, Nuoro<br />
      Phone: 0039 0784 240237</li>
      <li><strong>Ospedale Santissima Trinità</strong><br />
      Via Is Mirrionis, 92, Cagliari<br />
      Phone: 0039 070 609 5768</li>
      <li><strong>Ospedale Binaghi</strong><br />
      Via Is Guadazzonis, 2, Cagliari<br />
      Telephone: 0039 070 609 3149</li>
      <li><strong>Alghero, Presidio Ospedaliero Civile La Pietraia.</strong><br />
      Via Don Giovanni Minzoni<br />
      Telephone: 0039 079 985739</li>
      <li><strong>Arzachena, Ospedale Giovanni Paolo II</strong><br />
      Via Bazzoni Sircana, Olbia<br />
      Phone: 0039 0789 552200</li>
      <li><strong>Cellphone Hospital Di Paganessi Simone</strong><br />
      Via Barcellona, 143, Olbia<br />
      Phone: 0039 0789 204066</li>
      <li><strong>Unita Sanitaria Locale Nº9</strong><br />
      Via Grazia Deledda, Bari Sardinian<br />
      Telephone: 0039 078229478</li>
      <li><strong>Azienda USLNº4</strong><br />
      Via Monsignore Carchero 3, Tortolì<br />
      Telephone: 0039 0782622832</li>
      <li><strong>Tourist Guard of Quartu / Flumini with medical guard headquarters of Quartu Sant'Elena</strong><br />
      Via Caserma<br />
      Telephone: 0039 070 826494</li>
      <li><strong>Tourist Guard di Villaputzu</strong><br />
      Piazza Marconi, 1. Cagliari<br />
      Telephone: 0039 070 997138 (Only from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.)</li>
      <li><strong>Tourist guard of Muravera</strong><br />
      località Costa Rey c / o campeggio LE DUNE. Cagliari<br />
      Telephone: 0039 070 9919082 (Day and night)</li>
      <li><strong>Tourist Guard of Castiadas</strong><br />
      Località San Pietro c / o Casa della Marina (tourist compile "Garden Beach")<br />
      Telephone. 0039 070 9948030 (Only from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.)</li>
      <li><strong>Guàrdia Turistica Platamona</strong><br />
      Rotonda Centrale, strada provinciale 81. SassariPlatamona<br />
      Telephone: 0039 079 3120000</li>
      <li><strong>Stintino Tourist Guard Borgo dei Mercanti, Stintino.</strong><br />
      At the local Country Paradise<br />
      Telephone: 0039 346 7980991</li>
      <li><strong>Tourist Guard Valledoria </strong><br />
      Via Ampurias, "La Foce" Valledoria<br />
      Telephone: 0039 079 584384</li>
      <li>T<strong>ourist guard of La Maddalena Padule. </strong><br />
      La Maddalena<br />
      Phone: 0039 0789 791296 (Only from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.)</li>
      <li><strong>Guardia di Palau</strong>,<br />
      Via degli Achei, Palau<br />
      Telephone: 0039 0789 552022</li>
      <li><strong>Guard touristic of Porto Cervo</strong><br />
      Via Porto Cervo Porto Cervo, Arzachena<br />
      Telephone: 0039 0789 552074 (Only from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.)</li>
      <li><strong>Tourist guard of Porto Rotondo Piazza Quadra.</strong><br />
      Porto Rotondo Olbia<br />
      Telephone: 0039 0789 552025 opening: from July 1 to September 1</li>

    Currency and customs

    The euro is the official currency of Italy and therefore of Sardinia, so you will have to exchange currency. Keep in mind that you will not find exchange in all the cities. We recommend doing it in Cagliari or Alghero. As for ATMs, you will find them available throughout the island. Remember that many have ATM fees. In the main cities you will not have problems to pay by credit card, but bear in mind that in some small places you will have to pay by cash, so make sure you always keep euros in your wallet.


    VISA 0800 89 1725
    MASTERCARD 0800 964 767
    AMERICAN EXPRESS +44 (0)1273 696 933

    Telephone numbers of interest

    The following telephone numbers are free and do not need a prefix even if the call is made from a mobile phone of another country:

    Emergency medical service and ambulances: 118
    Carabinieri: 112
    Police: 113
    Firemen: 115
    Guardia di Finanza (the police in charge of fiscal offenses): 117
     Corpo Forestale e di Vigilanza Ambientale (Forest Ranger): 800865065.
    Corpo Forestale dello Stato (Environmental Emergency): 1515
    Coast Guard (Rescue Maritime): 1530
    The following telephone numbers do need a prefix: Airport Fertilia (Alghero): 0039 079/935219
    Tortolí Airport (Arbatax): 0039 0782/624300
    Elmas Airport (Cagliari): 070/211211 / fax 070/241013
    Costa Esmeralda Airport (Olbia): 0039 0789/69516
    Taxis in Cagliari : 0039 070 400101/0039 070 657070
    Taxis in Alghero: City: 0039 079 975396. Airport: 0039 079 935039 Taxis in Olbia: City: 0039 0789 22718. Airport: 0039 0789 69150 Taxis in Sassari: 0039 079 290242 Taxis in Nuoro: 0039 0784 31411 Taxis in Oristano: 0039 0783 74328/0039 0783 70280 Bus Arts: 0039 800865042 Grimaldi Lines: 902 531 333 Direct Ferries: 0034 914 141 727 Tirrenia Ferry: 0044 844 576 5503 Moby Lines: 0049 (0) 61114020 Linea dei Golfi: 0039 0565 912111 Sardinia Ferries: 0039 0 825 095 095


    If I book Flight + Hotel, when will I receive my travel documents?

    Once the booking is confirmed you will receive a confirmation e-mail. The voucher for the hotel will be also sent by email plus the vouchers for any other services (car hire, transfer, travel insurance) if booked.

    Please note that no flight tickets are sent due to most airlines using e-tickets. You only need to print our confirmation email where the Airline`s booking reference appears and take it with you to the airport with your ID/Passport documents.

    Important: Some Low Cost Airlines (Ryanair, Easyjet, Wizzair, Blueair and others) now request all passengers to check-in online and print the Boarding Cards before departure through their corresponding websites. Failure to do so, these airlines will charge you a supplement at the airport.

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